Cherished Moments

Aurelia Viola - Tuesday, June 05, 2018

     Moments of clarity happen when we let go and focus on the simple things. When you drown yourself in music and forget about the world around you, because all you can hear is the music and all you can see is the people playing it. It’s like taking a shower after a long day. It’s a moment of silence in a busy, busy world. These moments only happen so often, so it makes them easy to enjoy; no matter your age.

    Like doing yoga in the morning to start your day right, or meditating at night to clear your head of everything that happened that day. These moments are a warm summer after a long winter that prepares you for your struggles ahead. It’s not a moment to reflect or a moment to look forward, it’s a moment to be in now. Immersing yourself fully into the present and accepting the peace that comes with clearing your head. Find the eye of your storm; something that gives you these moments to appreciate. Whether it be yoga, meditation, listening to music, making music, running or many other things. We all feel stress, we all go through struggles and we all need to find relief from it. Don’t be afraid to drown yourself in the music, or to push yourself to make the early morning class. You deserve time to clear your head and relax yourself mentally. 






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