Children Of the Earth

Aurelia Viola - Sunday, May 20, 2018

     We are the children of our solar system, created by the same elements that build stars and asteroids. We are made from the same atoms as our earth. We are connected to our planet, our mother, our home. We share the DNA that codes our universe, related in a seemingly disconnected world.

      Our planet is a loving place, when you fall out of touch with your surroundings, she will be there to help you. So kick off your shoes and take a walk in the woods. Feel the leaves crunch beneath your bare feet. Breathe in the fresh air filled with scents of pine and wildflowers. Empty your head and fill it with the sounds of birds and branches creaking. Slide off your flip-flops and take a walk on the beach. Feel the sand swirl in the extending waves. Smell the salt flowing through the breeze. Let the tide take you home. Breathe in the warmth of nature, and let it embrace you in its calming hug.

      When you sit directly on the ground, the Earth’s electric energy connects to your body. This feeling helps you heal and be at peace. When you are lost, the Earth can ground you. Our planet can heal you. Let yourself be one with the universe that raised you, untie your laces and walk in the park. Feel the world that created you, feel the world that you love, and she will love you back. Sink your feet into the earth, reach you hands up to the sky and take a deep breath. Let the world remind you that you belong here. Forget about your problems and your pains. Trust the power of our beautiful world and she will heal you.

   There are so many benefits of being connected to our planet. So, get out there and experience the world.  Embrace natures presence and become a part of it, you will be glad you did. 







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