Let Go

Aurelia Viola - Monday, July 02, 2018

      We exist, now, in this exact moment, in this time, in this body. Yeah there’s a lot of ponder-worthy, perplexing questions about our existence, but why worry about that? Why worry when you can go? This world is a big place with a lot of complexities. It’s pointless to worry about one small piece of it when there’s so much out there. We get stuck on minuscule imperfections when there are big and beautiful things in this world, just begging to be seen. We are focusing on the artificial, when there is so much more natural.

     Take a deep breath of the air you breathe. We try to find where it comes from, however, nature has no roots and neither do you.

You are not tied down to a past or a future. You are not tied down by who you think you are. You are free. Your restraints are invisible, there is no reason to hold back on the things you want to do.

    Nature expands, forests grow, oceans rise. Nature is relentless, nature never stops reaching forward. Use that as your example. Let that be your guide. Let go of expectations and limits, see the world because there is so much more than what you think.

    So, let go, of anything that holds you back. You are capable of so much more than you think. There are so many possibilities and opportunities out there, don't be afraid to chase them







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