Aurelia Viola - Sunday, July 22, 2018

         This moon flower was planted without knowing what the flower was going to look like or when it was going to bloom. After a rainy night, it bloomed; showing it's magnificent colors. Unfortunately the flower only lasted for twenty four hours. However it is extremely fortunate that the flower did bloom and that a picture was taken before it was gone. Effort and love were put into this flower only to see it bloomed for a short period of time, but it was worth it. 

          I think it's important to see life this way. Sometimes we put a lot of effort into things just to have the results we receive not last long or not be a lot. That's the beauty in it though, that instead of achieving and gaining nothing, there was something. Just how the flower bloomed after a rainstorm, you succeded despite your obstacles. Your effort gave way to something beautiful, and maybe that beauty didn't last long, but you were given the opportunity to enjoy it. Be grateful of that. Never waste an opportunity to bask in the beauty of moments in your life, because moments don't last forever. 

     Every opportunity you are given is like a moon flower, and you can either choose to enjoy it's beauty or turn your head because of disappointment and a lack of patience. Things take time, and unless you are willing to take the time to wait for them, you will miss out on the beauties that life has to offer. 




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