Aurelia Viola - Monday, August 13, 2018

      We learn from bad moments in our pasts, and a lot of times we hang on to bad memories and experiences. We worry about things that we no longer have power over, but time can not be rewinded and actions can not be undone. People make mistakes, and no matter how much you try and change your past you can not. However, what you can do is cleanse yourself of your struggles and focus on evolving yourself as a person. Just like rain, it may be cold, it may be hot and it may sting. However without rain, without letting go, you can not grow a garden. In order for you to grow as a person, you have to make mistakes and go through rough patches, so you can learn; just how a flower needs a storm to grow. 

      We go through droughts in our life where nothing seems to go our way, but droughts just make the rain seem sweeter. Sometimes, we even get stuck in the middle of storms that never seem to leave, but they just make the sun feel warmer. There always seems to be a reason that we go through the things we do, and if you keep that mindset, you are bound to see the beauty in life. 

      Don't ever loose hope, because pain can't last forever.




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