Slow Down

Aurelia Viola - Sunday, July 08, 2018

   Most of us rush through things because we’re worried that we don’t have enough time to finish. Or because we just want to get things done. However, rushing makes us anxious and aggravated, it makes sloppy results. It’s easier to take a deep breath and focus on the positives of the situation than to rush through it.

    When people work out, most rush through their workouts to just get it done as fast as possible. A lot of times, that mindset is bad for you. Your exercises and your form get messy, so you’re at a higher risk of hurting yourself. Maybe you are on your second set and it’s getting harder to keep going. Instead of getting frustrated and sloppy, stop, take a deep breath and keep going at an even pace. Find a rhythm and reason for why you are doing this. Working out should not make you frustrated or annoyed, it should make you feel happy and empowered. Don’t focus on your limitations, think about all the things you can do. Your abilities are incredible.

   Never be afraid to take time for just yourself. Don’t let your needs and your health be on the back burner. You are important!








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