The Joy In Acomplishment

Aurelia Viola - Wednesday, May 02, 2018

As people, we are always doing. Usually our actions result in us obtaining something; a lesson, knowledge, a feeling or an object. When you read a story, you learn the lesson it desires to teach you. When you exercise, your body and your mind gives you the joy of accomplishment. To set your sights on a goal and accomplish it is the most incredible feeling; no matter how small or grand that goal may be. Whether it’s two more reps on the TRX Band or holding that pose you struggle with for ten more seconds, that’s incredible. To defy your past and conquer the present moment you are living in. The release of all the pain it took you to get to this moment creates pure happiness.

This is what happens when you just do, when you stop thinking and let yourself go. When you put belief in yourself and your goals. This is what exercise gives us when we push ourselves, we become the best versions of ourselves. Everyone experiences this joy and accomplishment after finishing something they’ve struggled with. It gives us a reason to keep trying no matter the circumstances. This feeling is why we do, It shows the beauty in struggling.

You can find this joy in anything, not just exercise. In your work, your school, your personal life and in almost any other situation you are in. When life puts an obstacle in front of you, you can turn around or climb it. Choose to climb, because the feeling you get when you reach the other side is incomparable.




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