The Little Things

Aurelia Viola - Sunday, June 17, 2018

     People tend to let the little, unimportant things get to them. However, one bad brush stroke won’t ruin a work of art. There are 86,400 seconds in a day, yet if the first 30 are terrible, we automatically assume that the other 36,370 are going to be just as bad. Thirty seconds is equal to .08% of your day, in retrospect, that’s basically nothing. So, why let .08% of your day ruin the other 99.92%? 

      Instead of assuming that the rest of your day will be bad, assume that it will be amazing. Give yourself something to look forward to. While there is opportunity for bad things in this world, there is also so much opportunity for great things. Don’t let bad experiences keep you from going on incredible adventures. Make your faults become fuel to do better. If you can’t do that one pose, or you just can’t stretch as far as you want to, don’t let that get to you. Keep going, keep practicing. Let any anger you have against yourself turn into motivation to keep trying, because nothing is impossible. If you doubt yourself, then you are destined to fail before you even try.

     If you feel yourself starting to get upset about something small, take a deep breath and think about the situation. In two hours will this problem still be affecting you? The answer is most likely no, so why get upset over something that isn’t having a massive negative impact on your life? Just keep breathing and move on to the next thing. Negative environments do not deserve your precious time. Make the rest of your day, the best part of your day.






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