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Pure Chair Yoga Teacher Training



That was both of our reactions when first hearing about chair yoga.  How can you do yoga sitting on a chair?  What ensued changed our whole perspectives and life paths — on and off the mat; or, shall we say, "on and off the chair."  We have both been very blessed to have wonderful teachers in our lives who have shared their stories, their gifts, and their talents.  Our Chair Yoga certification is a culmination of all the teachings we have taken thus far.  The gifts keep flowing in, and these gifts we wish to share with you.



Chair yoga changes lives.  Let’s be clear about this.  Chair yoga IS “real” yoga.  We incorporate pranayama, meditation, mudra, chanting, asana, kriyas, and bhandas.  It is a hatha-based practice where the movements follow the breath.  We just happen to do it seated. Our healthy-agers know the key to living life fully depends on 1) living stress-free, 2) maintaining sharp focus, 3) practicing balance, 4) increasing flexibility, and 5) HAVING FUN!  All of these areas are addressed in our Pure chair training.

Chair Yoga is on the cutting-edge for yoga entrepreneurs and growing!  Society is experiencing a health upswing — a new epidemic exploring how to live the fullest lives they can — people aren’t simply just living longer, they’re interested in taking responsibility for their health and demanding to live out their best years doing what they love — and doing it with gusto!  There is a large, untapped market out there of healthy-agers who are looking for people like you to help them live out their best years — to keep them young and kicking and doing exactly what they love.



LEARN TO TEACH CHAIR YOGA, EARN CEUs, and take your yoga business to another level

Do you have students, patients, or clients that would benefit from doing yoga but:

• Cannot get down to the floor because of age, weight issues, or other physical challenges?
• Are confined to those small seats on planes, trains, or automobiles (as the passenger, of course!)?
• Are dealing with challenges such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, or Huntington’s?

Do you have students who are struggling in their mat class, and you are desperately looking for ways to make yoga more accessible for them?

Unfortunately, most people feel intimidated by yoga.  And we know why.  Only beautiful, thin, young, and healthy people do yoga, right?  Yoga’s not for me; I’m too old, I’m not in shape.  That is NOT yoga.  With chair yoga, you and your students can reap the exceptional benefits yoga brings to the body, mind, and spirit.  You will be able to bring this beautiful world to others.

This training will add a new dimension to your current teaching and/or care-giving.  This teacher certification will provide you with a firm foundation and the confidence for teaching all aspects of chair yoga.

Along with meditation, breathing, and stress-busting techniques, you will learn how to adapt yoga postures to the chair both seated and standing.

In this 25-hour course, you will learn:
• Pawanmuktasana Series 1 and 2
• Pawanmuktasana Series for Joints and Energy
• Yoga to strengthen the eyes
• Self massage

• Sun Salutations A and B

• Energizing cardio and strength moves on the chair

• Yoga-Pilates integrative movements
• Restorative practices on the chair
• Standing exercises to create more flexibility
• Standing exercises to improve balance
• Ways to release and stretch the psoas

• Pranayama (breathing practices to facilitate meditation, relaxation, or to energize)
• Mudras to facilitate balance, meditation, and to ease anxiety
• Patanjali’s 8-Fold Path
• The Four Agreements

• The importance of feet
• Foot strengthening exercises

• Ways to support a healthy, functioning brain, including brain-balancing exercises & meditations

You will receive a manual and a certificate stating you are a certified PCYT (Pure Chair Yoga Teacher).

This course qualifies for 25 hours continuing education in accordance with Yoga Alliance.


Unable to Attend a Teacher Training?


This program is targeted for healthcare professionals such as Physical or Occupational Therapists, Clinical Social Workers, Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers, as well as yoga teachers, teachers-in-training, and yoga students.  You do not need to be a certified yoga instructor to take this course or to give chair yoga classes.




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EXCLUSIVE OFFER for seniors!
Save 10% Off!
Pay Only $420.75


EXCLUSIVE OFFER for seniors!
Save 10% Off!
Pay Only $420.75